Whether buying your first home or your seventh, it’s still a complex, involved process. In the never-ending quest to provide our clients and customers with user-friendly experiences, Century 21 Ace Realty has established five helpful suggestions:  

Before You Begin House Hunting:

  • Meet with a qualified lender to determine your credit qualifications (1st Place Mortgage is available at Ace Realty to provide free loan preapproval)
  • Have your lender provide you with a written mortgage preapproval 
  • Prepare a budget with which you are comfortable

Consult with a Century 21 Ace Realty REALTOR® to: 

  • Determine the most suitable use of his or her services and establish the most appropriate type of agency you need
  • Get an overview of how the house hunting process works
  • Establish criteria for the type of home which best meets your requirements

While House Hunting:

  • Your Century 21 Ace Realty REALTOR® will prepare a list of homes to show you based on your criteria 
  • Your Century 21 Ace Realty REALTOR® will give you a tour of Ace and MLS homes available
  • You’ll learn about factors that impact home value & resale as you decide on your home selection
  • Neighborhoods, school priorities, commute time, etc., will be reviewed
  • When that perfect home is found, your Century 21 Ace Realty REALTOR® will help you analyze its value, and provide information on comparable sales

When Making An Offer:

  • Your Century 21 Ace Realty REALTOR® will guide you in writing an Offer to Purchase for your perfect home
  • Many important negotiation factors in addition to price will be reviewed
  • Your Century 21 Ace Realty REALTOR® will present your offer to the home seller or seller’s agent
  • Seller will respond in writing to your offer and will either accept it, counter it or reject it
  • Upon reaching a mutual agreement of the terms between you and the home seller, the transaction is documented
  • An agreement is secured with an earnest money (good faith) deposit, which amount is negotiable

Assisting With Details To Closing:

Once your offer is finalized your Century 21 Ace Realty REALTOR® will assist you with:

  • Property inspection to be ordered by homebuyer
  • Ordering tests as necessary
  • Addendums, amendments and special assessments
  • Determining condominium and homewoners association bylaws and regulations (if applicable)
  • Communicating with mortgage companies, title companies and co-operating brokers
  • Contingencies: 72-hour, subject-to-sale, subject-to-closing, mortgage approval, etc.
  • General conditions of sale, additional conditions, etc.
  • Financing requirements
  • Appraisal process
  • Title insurance, homeowner's and mortgage policy
  • Earnest money deposit
  • Homeowner's insurance, flood insurance MGIC and/or PMI insurance
  • Preparing and delivering of final paperwork for review prior to closing
  • Utilities switch-over
  • Final walk-through inspection
  • Closing day attendance